• Shape: 18" acoustic arch-top. All components of on guitar are made exclusively from ebony and metallic parts in the gold finish.
    • Body: Tail-piece is custom shape specially made for this model guitar with cleaver drawing strings system, where is achieved precise (and exact) strings pressure on the bridge.
    • Soundboard: with X braces and tall slim "S"holes. Ebony pickguard is two point attached, thereout is only one on the top plate. This is best way to keep the top board vibrate without any undesirable pressure or rattling.
    • Neck: Neck is profiled in soft C shape with 12" fingerboars radius and medium size frets. Neck is two piece curly maple with mahogany thin strip.
    • Sound: Sound picking is provide by top - level pickup Benedetto S- 6 in the ebony finish. Sound of the guitar is built for play in acoustic orchestras with gentle amplification. Due to 18" body width, top quality woods and 25 11/32" scale guitar work in very wide sound spectrum. Thickness of the sound board and back side is more close to acoustic arch top guitars however Benedetto pickup work without any feedback effects. All "Navaj" stile figuration is optional on request.
  1. Soundboard: Spruce
    Back/Sides: Maple
    Fingerboard: Ebony
    Neck: Mahogany/Maple
    Body size: 18"x3.25"
    Scale: 25 11/32"
    Head veneer: Ebony
    Pickguard: Ebony
    Bridge: Ebony
    Tailpiece: Ebony
    Binding: Curly maple/walnut
    Fret marks: Optional
    Ladiace mechaniky: Grover Imperial
    Nut: Bone
    Frets: 20
    Pickup: Benedetto S-6
    Color: Red
  2. Price list
  3. Snímače: Benedetto®,Gibson®, Seymour Duncan® etc.
    Ladiace mechaniky: Grover®, Schaller®, Gotoh®
    Povrch kovu: chrome, black, gold
    V cene gitary je zahrnutý kufor/púzdro
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Zákazkové gitary najvyššej kvality - založené v roku 1993

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