The current waiting period is: 20 months
  1. Milan Ciz Guitars are individually hand crafted in a one man shop. And for that reason, I’m limited to build approximately 10 guitars per year. I personally handcraft every guitar and I assure that every instrument is of the highest quality and crafted with plus 20 years of skills .

    If you are able to come to my shop, I’ll be pleased to show you my available woods, body styles, bracing options, neck sizes, inlays, pickups, etc. to make your guitar the right instrument for you. We can use your playing style, physical characteristic, playing venues and personal preferences as benchmarks to discuss the elements of tone, playability, intonation, aesthetics, and volume.
    If you are not in the area of Slovakia or can't stop by, I will work with you by e-mail : or phone +421 907 138 to help you pick out your woods, and discuss any options you'd like.

    Once we have an agreement, I will ask for non-refundable 10% down payment to hold your place in my schedule.
    The waiting period for custom orders is approximately 12 to 16 months when I'll start working on your guitar.

    You will only be added to the schedule when I receive the down payment.

  2. Shortly before your turn comes, I will contact you and we will confirm the agreement and details of the ordered guitar. If you wish to continue at that time I will ask for an additional 40% to proceed.

    After the materials are ordered you can still make changes but if changes are made, you could be charged for additional materials and the materials that were ordered and not used (exceptions apply to items that I commonly use).
    During the building process I will be contacting you to approve details. And I will send you photos of the work in progress. If you live near my shop you can come to see the progress or just look at the building process. Wait times for full custom projects are determined on project basis.

    When the guitar is completed I will contact you and ask for the final payment plus any shipping charges and taxes that should be apply.

  3. Prices currently start at 1200 € ($1800 USD) for electric guitars, for flat tops 1200 € ($1800 USD) and 1900 € ($2900 USD) for arch tops. Custom ordered guitars will be subject to the pricing in effect at the time construction begins.

    You can check the current prices clicking at the "Check Price" button in Technical Specs section in my guitar models sub-page or here:

    Guitar prices are not inclusive of shipping or insurance cost. Please inquire about shipped options. If you want to know aprox. shipment rate, use this
    UPS calculator.

  4. To the original purchaser, as registered with me, I guarantee that your Milan Ciz Guitar to be a perfect instrument, structurally and musically.
    If at anytime during your ownership of this instrument, it should develop any defect traceable to faulty workmanship or defective material, I agree to fix the problem or replace the item without cost to the registered purchaser, provided that the instrument is shipped or brought to me with carrying charges prepaid.
    This guarantee is valid as long as my life as a guitar maker. Once I stop taking orders for good, I am done.
    This guarantee does not cover damage resulting from misuse, accidents, or cracks due to changes in temperature or humidity, nor does it cover normal wear of frets, gold plating, or impairment of tone due to use of improper strings.
    If your choices have personalized the guitar to the point where it would make it difficult to sell to another individual, a refund will only take place when I sell the guitar to another customer.
    Repairs or alternations performed by someone other than me risk cancellation of this warranty.

  5. Always put the guitar in the case when you are done playing it, even for a short period of time. The environment inside the case is more consistent than leaving it out on the couch.
    You will have fewer problems with tuning and truss rod adjustments. This will also ensure the finish does not become marred.
    Periodic maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and is a condition of warranty. Appropriate care accessories are included in the purchase of each instrument.

  6. If you have any question about booking, price alternatives, ordering or building guitar in my shop, just post me your question to my e-mail address: or via my facebook page:.

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